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At Pond and Property, LLC, we believe that getting the most out of your pond shouldn't cost you a fortune. That is why we offer do-it-yourself options and full-service options. This allows you to be involved as much, or as little, as you want in the pond evaluation and management process.

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Do-it-yourself Service Options

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For example, to make sure that the fish populations in your pond are in balance, we need information on the types, numbers, and sizes of fish. If you choose our do-it-yourself Fish Management Plan option, you collect the information on the fish, saving yourself money (and giving you an excuse to go fishing!). Pond and Property then uses the information that you collect to develop a detailed plan, personalized for your pond and your goals.

We offer four do-it-yourself services: Fish Management Plan, Vegetation Management Plan, New Pond Stocking Plan, and Water Quality Plan. Please see our do-it-yourself services page for more information on each of these services.


A well-managed pond can be both functional and beautiful.

Not interested in the do-it-yourself options? We also offer full pond evaluations, where we assess your pond's fish populations, identify weeds, and test water quality. We then prepare a custom plan for your pond, involving all the components necessary to achieve a healthy pond. Please see our full service option page for more information.

We can help with all of your pond-related needs, from fish to weeds to water quality and more. Contact us today, and you will be one step closer to having the pond you have always wanted.


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